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A collectors item I am,  if u will,  one that only a few very smart collectors have ever really appreciated
Every teacher should be like McGonagall! #Nerd #Humor #HarryPotter #Quote
Cupid and Psyche in the Nuptial Bower… I loved this painting when I saw it in Dublin
MN Love it! Lived away from it for 5 yrs., 2.5 yrs. In the south and 2.5 yrs. In Berlin, Germany. Loved the experience but missed the MN nice and the good manners. Proud to be a Minnesotan.
Keep Calm and Love Niall Horan!
Lawn dinosaur
It’s what real love is
I just find it funny is all
So much luck
Relationship Quotes – heartbroken – changes people to become stronger and know to never make the same mistakes again
If you’re feeling sad…
only because too many girls are attention loving bad words….
I Feel So Special.. | Love Quotes And Sayings
If life were easy…….I stop and think about the time god said your ready to be a mom!
duct tape and folders to create this – don’t need to buy another pocket chart!
One of the quotes that we read at my mom’s memorial…. not exactly “fun” but still a great thought
I don’t understand why this is so hard to figure out?!
This made me laugh way too hard, LOL!
I so want to baby!! So much!!!! I want you to curl up in my arms & snuggle close against me!! I ache for you!!! Hope u like my dreams of running away & they will give u something to dream of!! I Love YOU So much!! Wish I could have some sweet words from U
HarperGirl Fitness: Insanity; Month 1 is Complete!