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Relationship Quotes – heartbroken – changes people to become stronger and know to never make the same mistakes again
If you’re feeling sad…
only because too many girls are attention loving bad words….
I Feel So Special.. | Love Quotes And Sayings
If life were easy…….I stop and think about the time god said your ready to be a mom!
duct tape and folders to create this – don’t need to buy another pocket chart!
One of the quotes that we read at my mom’s memorial…. not exactly “fun” but still a great thought
I don’t understand why this is so hard to figure out?!
This made me laugh way too hard, LOL!
I so want to baby!! So much!!!! I want you to curl up in my arms & snuggle close against me!! I ache for you!!! Hope u like my dreams of running away & they will give u something to dream of!! I Love YOU So much!! Wish I could have some sweet words from U
HarperGirl Fitness: Insanity; Month 1 is Complete!
Ha! This guy kinda looks like my father in law! Lol! Don’t think he’d be riding a pink bike, though!
That more I look at this, the more I laugh.
It brings tears to my eyes when I think about how hard I’m trying just to be happy.
What the….I don’t even want to know. Ain’t nobody got time for that!
obviously I died, since i’m responding..
This is why I loved the Series of Unfortunate Events (fyi, he has other books written under his real name Daniel Handler)
If they make abortion illegal, they should make men deserting pregnant women illegal too
All the annoying girls who are constantly saying, “I need a man, I need a man, I need a man”, this is for you.
Fathers Day Key Chain – Mens Personalized …