Things for My Wall

shoe storage via ana white
Hey girl, I know Paul says that it’s better to stay single, but ever since I met you I knew that would be impossible for me.
French Country bedroom in red and creamy white~ I LOVE this bedding set – when I win the lottery I will pay the $700 for my bed to look like this
Which begs the question, are bad manners a core liberal characteristic or have liberal parents just abandoned teaching them?
White one shoulder fringe suit – Isabeli Fontana for Morena Rosa Beach Summer 2014
30th birthday quotes – Google Search
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Once again I have traced the smell of rotten eggs back to your buttox. Yet you insist you didn’t fart. Needless to say, I’m skeptical.
Johnny Depp. That smile in the eyes and lips. Could eat him !
A travel earring case… OH my goodness, that is seriously the most clever little thing I have ever seen. I need one.
“I will open the windows of heaven for you. I will pour out a blessing so great you won’t have enough room to take it in! (Malachi 3:10)
Stress B Complex twice a day improves mood, lowers anxiety, and helps you sleep better at night….uhhh i need this–hope the description is true! @Rebecca Compton
This is exactly how I felt the day my large Diet Pepsi fell off the top of my car after I put it up there to grab my bags…
Ain’t that the way it is sometimes? // Tumblr
Thank you to all that have the heart and take the time to volunteer!
Don’t Quit- I absolutely love this inspirational poem
thankful thursday. | girl meets life.
Forever and ever. Love quotes for couples.
LOL…I have come to the conclusion I have a severely twisted sense of humor.  @Matt Nickles Nickles Valk Chuah Cotton  Floozy