Hooked on the story: great list of the first books that made young readers fall in love with reading.
Shiva Rea - yoga teacher
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Philemon Citreogularis.
Puppy in a basket!
The Blue Grotto, Capri, Italy.
Portable Hammock. Now this is what I want instead of a chair at the beach
Harira (Moroccan stew with chicken, chickpeas, lentils and rice)
52 ways to lose a pound a week. These are great tips!
Robot Necklace  Steampunk Robot  Jewelry by by birdzNbeez on Etsy
gingham / black denim / booties / trench
Tarp Tips | 22 Absolutely Essential Diagrams You Need For Camping
How to make miniature food with polymer clay - Bread boule and baguette tutorial
Mens Hoodie Cross zip Tshirt (D067)doublju
jane by design | Tumblr
this is me in the mall and church and school and the bars.. hhhaa I have serious social anxiety. Which is why I cant shop and hate being at work hahaha and if I can
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This newborn photo will be just in time for Father’s Day, but treasured for a lifetime.
In love with this Leopard Print Dress from Delias!
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Family portret in black and white
Formex våren 201
Soft Stripes Cross Over Double Crochet Afghan
tumblr_mbnx4i0eB11qlrj89o1_500.jpg (500×409)
Showing same shade but different styles
Some of our best sayings come from baseball.
rag garland, wedding decor
eder shoes sandals--for next summer
Swatching essie resort. Tried. Tested. Approved.
Rustic Swing Window Display for Valentines Day
Meow graphic tee
Do them nearly every day lately.
A cupcake with no refined sugar, gluten, egg, soy, or dairy. Perfect for baby, or adults wanting a healthy treat.
kitchen - kitchen design with carved wood corbels - #corbels #kitchen
Synovial fluid is one of my favorite things to study.  #truth
The Wave, Free Motion Quilting Tutorial, Long Arm Quilting Motif
Calm Your Tits. You know, because when Heracules fed from Hera
A great, short interval treadmill workout - perfect when you have a spare 30mins