Craft Ideas

Mother’s Day Craft/ Bath Sundae
Such a cute idea! Check out our other DIY favorites on our blog.
I need to find someone who does woodworking to build me some of these.  I’m so sick of tripping over dog dishes and this is a great idea!  But these are from Great Britain…
such a cute set of cards! makes me want to try my hand at Copics #cards #spring #colorful
Matching socks task, good work box idea – sneaking in some fine motor work with the clothes pins!
site full of re-purposing clothing tutorials! Check out sweater to cardigan with tear away stabilizer
A.Co est. 1984: diy sweatshirt refashion
Mothers Day Clip Art For Kids – Art By Kids Healthy School Fundraising Ideas Mothers Day Stall
Cute for a volleyball coach or an end of the season gift to team mates (I know it’s a monkeys fist knot or whatever it’s called but it looks like a volleyball)
Another race bib keepsake we love. Race Bib Coasters!
Would be great to include this in a Just Pretend basket for the Auction – Fort Kit for birthday present, includes sheets, rope, clamps, flashlight and glow sticks. Basically the best kid gift ever.
teal flower sheep oxford fabric by Cosmo from Japan
An old frame, some chalkboard paint over glass, and you have a great Christmas message board. I l♥ve l♥ve this idea. Find your favorite Christmas clip and transform a part of history into your present!
turn ordinary glass jars, vases, and candlesticks into stunning Mercury Glass with Krylon Looking Glass Spray Paint.
bathroom decor. what you need: small wooden box,spray paint, white stones..for a rustic look just scrub over dry paint with a knife or so..#diy
Floral Headband- im so making this for my flower girl!! @Jess Liu Reeves  How cute would Memphis look in this?! :)
reminds me of the friendship bracelets that i used to make and sell back in high school. thinking of doing it again. hmmm….
I forget what they were called but I loved playing with this when we would go down to Florida
Janeybell: Sweet Sunday Sketch #193
How to make these letters.  All you need is cardboard, mod podge, foil (heavy duty) and paint