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I don’t feel the need to “forgive” him. I know he’d be with me in a heartbeat if he could. But I adore this picture. ♥
If i see bubblewrap i cant control myself, even if someone tells ,even if someone tells me not to…..hehe
Favorite Kindergarten quote of all time…I wonder how many times I have said this over the years?!
amonos a bailar banda fuck yeaaa
serendipity + synchronicity + joy (daily hot! quote)
hebrews 13:5 as a tattoo perhaps :]
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horse quotes with horse images – Buscar con Google
Triggers of Homelessness. Notice how only 9% is from drugs and alcohol? I’m so sick of hearing people judge and condemn the homeless.. For those 9% so what show them compassion as well it is not our place to judge it’s our place to show love and compassio
The people that you’ve been most intimate with will be the ones to most completely abandon you.
Victoria Erickson (FB: VictoriaEricksonwriter )  I remember many Sunday road trips in my early married years…wonderful.  :)
Everyone please read this. Lost a real friend when my husband died,  bless him. Lost a mom when my grand mom died. When I lost my dad, it was more like loosing a crazy high school friend. I try not to fight with anyone, though I’ve come close. I certainly
I stress way too much about what people think in general, but I should learn to trust the people who know me well.  Sometimes they know me better than I know myself.
for my daughters xxxooo
Nike Quote (About winning success sports old)
Customize image quotes about motivational – Instruction does much, but encouragement does..
Vinyl wall houseware – Welcome decal Quote. $89.00, via Etsy.
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We Are Blessed to Be a Blessing #inspirations #blessings