Helpful plan on how long it will take you to lose 10 Pounds. It takes in consideration your age, weight, daily activity, and calorie in take.   If I run 6 days a week and eat 1600 calories for 40 days I can get there. So, starting tommorow let the count d
The 1000 Calorie Burn Workout / First Time Mommy Blog / Fitness Minded / Healthy / Calorie Burn / Fit Moms
List of all annoying people that go to the gym and can potentially ruin our workouts. Have you ever been at the gym on your treadmill, and all…
Tangled movie workout! They have a lot of good ones! Watching a movie
23 More Workout Tanks To Not Work Out In
Mindi Lee Smith–great shoulder definition!
more abs
BoP Workout: Level Four. just did this to wake up, just the right amount for a morning workout
Tabata Intervals Kettlebell Workout. Takes just over 30 minutes and you’ll do two-hand swings, high pulls, russian twist sit-ups, figure 8s, sprinter lunge jumps, windmills and twisting goblet squats.
3 months from now, you will thank yourself.
My shirt from Kythoni’s Legs board
Daily motivation (25 photos) Рda-mo-6
Is THIS where Mrs. Korte got our track workout on during the first week of track!?!?
Don’t believe us? Try it out for yourself ;)
Tania Ante Baron: great interview how Tania lost the baby weight doing the new T25 workout! She’s got her “Insanity” abs back! Great workout for busy moms!
Extended Arm Workout – Tracy Anderson New Goop Clip
This girl has scanned copies of some great stretches and muscle exercises.
Reclining Hero Pose (Supta Virasana) Reclining Hero Pose is an intense and advanced stretch with many benefits:  Stretches the front body, including abdomen, thighs, quads and hip flexors  Strengthens the knees, ankles and arches of the feet  Stretches th
How to run: a guide to getting started