funny fitness quote! #gymhumor #fitness #exercise Check out Dieting Digest
VS AB WORKOUT – Totally trying this! Aaand I’m pretty sure it will kick my butt :P
Body Pump & Body Flow.Love Bodypump and I need to go to flow next.
Summer Shred Diet An easy to follow, daily meal plan by Jake Kelbrants
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club head speed
99 WOD run
Couch to Half Marathon Training Plan! – Page 3 of 3 – Women’s Running @Julie Hopp thoughts?
Get Fit With Fab!: 6 week Sexy Arm Challenge
LOL! One of my favorite gym quotes
Weight Loss Is Not A Physical Challenge Its A Mental One.  #MotivationforWeightLoss #weightloss #motivation #quote
100 workout-start with 10 minutes on treadmill walking at 7 incline at a fast pace, then begin @Steph this is killer! You can do it!
Want to know where to focus your training for your next Ironman? Check out this graphic.
My workout plan lol
I just started going to the gym again. What’s a good workout for a beginner? I do 30 mins elliptical and 10 mins running on the treadmill.
How to Properly Use a Foam Roller. An excellent tool for easing muscle tension especially in places hard to stretch, like the back (especially when you have other injuries or surgeries that prevent you from bending to stretch these places).
She is 28 weeks in this picture!  She looks amazing and has some great tips on working out while pregnant!! I’m not pregers yet but when I am; I am taking inspiration from this lady.
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I have to remind myself of this when I’m not in the mood to exercise!
30 day squat challenge | Tumblr*** oh man this started out easy but then turned very hard and was a challenge but I’m sure happy with the results and very glad it’s over!!! :D I’m going to continue doing 50 a day to maintain look!!!