training programs for bike rides… may begin using the bike!
Got Glutes? 10 Exercises to Whip Your Backside Into Shape  Looking forward to an improved rear view? Well, you need a map. Here are 10 exercises to whip your backside into shape.
6 Home Remedies for Nausea  I hate feeling nauseaous more than anything!
Body Measure Chart.
Excercises that eliminate cellulite
itsjustanotherweightlossblog:    Lose fat. Simplest thing! You cant spot reduce but you can gain muscle in specific areas. When you get to about 18% body fat you should see some abs. 12% for a 6 pack (girls)
“What do I do after I’ve been binging on bad foods for a couple of days?”  “How do I jump start my weight loss?”  “How do I flush toxins out of my body?”  “How do I get healthier skin?”
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Yup. This is why I love what I do as a health coach.
Women’s Health: 6 moves, 8-12 reps, 2-3 sets each. small, at home workout, but it kicks your butt!
I AM DOING THIS!! #6packmarch Six-Pack March, 2013 Edition. Fab Abs. Ripped. This could be you! Free monthly workout calendar from @shrinkingjeans.
Lose weight, get healthy!  Maintain weight, gain weight, better nutrition with Herbalife.  shakinitwithherba…
Work out without the weights! Oh yeah! This challenging bodyweight workout is designed to burn fat, tone, define, and increase balance and strength. #workout, #tone, #skinnyms, #burnfat
This is what strong and fit looks like! And she didn’t get there on some fad or fly by night diet scam, she got there through hard work! Sorry folks but that’s the only way, you’ll never get there by taking a pill.
Bahahahahahah!  Using this in my next Zumba class!
Abs on Fire workout. Windshield wipers, long arm crunches, reverse crunches, cycling Russian twists, heel touches, modified V sits
For after baby…  This website is AMAZING. It is my workout bible, and best of all, its completely FREE. Tons of workout vids and plenty more to stave off ruts. Most of the routines are between 12-20 mins long and that’s all you need.
I should make a goal to complete each “list” workout I pin
Big Circles Standing with your feet shoulder-width apart and knees slightly bent, hold a medicine ball with your arms extended directly above your head [A]. Without bending your elbows, rotate your arms counterclockwise [B], using the ball to draw large
Truth! :) half the battle is showing Up!