Baby Giraffe, Kiko,at Greenville Zoo …..Such a precious thing to witness
Butterflies remind us that no matter how ugly the world around us gets there is still beauty to be found.
poor guy… But I did laugh a little too hard at this.
Wolf husky mix
Peacocks, stand for renewal among other things. Thinking of getting a peacock tattoo of some kind….
Self-Confidence.  I Has It!
Unlikely friends. Love how they are laughing and having fun so exuberantly.
a dog is the only thing in the world who loves you more than himself
“Bring me my drink here. I’d like to float around a bit more.”
egyptian arabian horses | … LDA « LD Arabians – Straight Egyptian Arabian Horses For Sale
The Sea Life –  an aquarium of  just seahorses :)
I’m so amused by baby animals its frightening..if this doesn’t make you smile, you are heartless. :)
Rare and Beautiful female albino Cardinal.
Twitter / EarthPix: Sea otters hold hands while …
Oh my gosh it doesn’t get much cuter than this!
Baby elephant playing in the beach for the first time…
Absoloot Australian Shepherds ||  Looks like my baby girl sapphire!!!!!! I love her
THat’s funny because the elephants are definitely my favorite!
Winter squirrel
This is my dog exactly!!!