Pet African Hedgehogs – A Complete Guide To Care
Funny pet tag..Bailey NEEDS this!!!
Mental Stimulation for Dogs. Great tips I would avoid the frozen towel puzzle.
i literally laughed so loud at this that my cat woke up and gave me a dirty look.
Teacup Pomeranian – This dog, I would love to have. I’m not a dog person, but it looks almost like a cat, so it would be okay =)
He did it!
Admiring the New Baby
Pinner says: “haha! my little pup LOVES alcohol… after you take a drink. she will come over and try to lick it off you lips. lol”
Was just thinking “oh, I want a kitten”. But then my cat spilled a cup of water by sticking her head in it. They grow up.
Cool turtle tank terrarium whish I could get something like that for shelton
♂ Wildlife photography Black & white Tiger King…so beautiful! @Chris Lancaster  this reminded me of u!
“Capone” a pit bull puppy hung out with the big dogs.
My first thought after reading this: that’s deeply theological when you replace “toy” with “life.” Too much time in the RelDept lately…haha
Great Dane Puppy Dog Dogs Puppies Danish Mastiff
Just love his smile…20 Sloth Smiles, Revealed!
Cardigan Welsh Corgi Puppy
this is my cat…well part of him…hes about three times the size of this one. ^.^
baby golden retreiver
White Labrador retriever. While there really is no such thing as a “white Lab,” these dogs are really bred to be a very light colored variation of the yellow Lab
golden retrievers tennis balls | Has A Hotdog – golden retrievers – Loldogs n Cute Puppies – funny …