corgi thinks you’re scary looking
a big carrot.
Sleepy baby sugar glider
Thanks Modoc and Water for Elephants for now making me obsessed
I am not big on tatoo’s but if I was to ever get one it would be this one!    // live the life you love, love the life you live
silhouette horse photography
This reminds me of emma and stanley.
Lil’ Wee is 13 this year, but since he’s a black cat, he considers it lucky… He’s the best cat I’ve ever owned.  ~~ Houston Foodlovers
I love cats, especially black cats. They are the kindest, friendliest, and funniest of them all, especially those with Bombay in them. What precious, special creatures!
Keston Karter
A cute Baby duck.  Quack, Quack!!  :-)  Baby animals are soo cute.  They are still beautiful when they grow up too.
#26: Cookie the Golden Retriever
Puppy in a basket!
one of my favourite animals the sea otter. Pin links through to Daily otter – the site for all your otter photo needs
A nice black and white photo of a bitty
“Cats like doors left open in case they change their minds.” –Rosemary Nisbet
Rabbit, rabbit.