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rottweiler dog art detail
golden retriever german shepherd mix – Google Search
Looks like a perfect pooch outfit for our annual Tacky Sweater Party! Dog sweaters are too small and human sweaters just look uncomfy! Off the fabric store! :-)
This is Pellet, an eastern screech owl, who earned his name after he was found with pellets from a pellet gun lodged in his skull. Because of this injury, pellet can no longer survive in the wild.
Cheetah: Speed, flexibility, stamina, stealth, harmony, beauty, Ability to focus intently on something for a short period of time, Accelerating time, Keenness of sight
I love how uniquely sick this horse looks. Its better than a regular horse because of the random color.    Iron Horse or as the Lakota say “Shunke canku”
Just a few reasons to own a dog…  & because they are my favorite animal
Duke #corgi #puppy #dog
Happy little baby hedgehog – how can you not smile when you see this?
baby sea lion
This poor little kitten had to get a cast :(
doggie cozy, dog coat tutorial with pattern #dog_coat,#diy
A rescued fluffy, baby albino porcupine enjoying an apple slice…
Hee Hee, Ok, I’ll Admit I Like This a Little | by inspire*dream*create*, via Flickr
Goldfinches, house finch, indigo bunting  So pretty all together. Blend with flowers.
At Tides, pets are welcome!  How you get them here is your business.  :) Safe travels!! #petfriendlyhotels #dogfriendlyhotels #tidesfollybeach
Gahh! Great pics of such a cute puppy, and a tutorial about shooting continuously down low at the dog’s level.
I want a baby cub! (photography,black and white,black and white photography,cheetahs,baby cubs,animals,cute,baby animals)
Grasuil (1) by Paul Barnard Fotografie, via FlickrGrasuil (1)  Alternative Names:   English: African Grass Owl  German: Graseule  French: Effraie du Cap