Okay, this is probably the only exception I would make to having a small dog :)
Country days with an ‘outside’ big dog to warn off strangers and chase the neighbor’s tom cat.  :)  During thunderstorms, I’d get into the  oversize dog house with our GSD,  as he was scared to death of thunder.
☀ Good morning, sunshine!
Juniper Titmouse Date:  1996 Location:  Bent NM in our Elderberry tree #24
Kitten attack! This is why I have dogs.
Dang. Forgots the conditioner this morning.  (Yichen Wang)
Flossing is important – even for lion cubs.
My little brother’s face when he want to borrow my PSP.
toy poodle! Tinkerbell used to look like this!
Bizarre vintage photo of cat. Proof that people have been dressing animals in costumes for ages:)
Australian shepherd- the most intelligent dog breed.
bean boots & black labs  ♥…and the fact that Justin and just simultaneously suggested we name him Charlie….#meanttobe
Motivational Quotes – Friday Funnies
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A raised frame duck run like this would allow you to install a pool that could drain down to your garden, or wherever you want to dispose of the water.  However, with decking like this, how is the poop situation handled?  Maybe you can just rinse it away
Cats would be the first animal without thumbs to figure out selfies.
Lion.  (KO) You do not want to be on his guest list for dinner. It’s crazy to be so close, even through a telephoto lens!
Gasteracantha Cancriformis-Spiders are creepy,but some are beautiful as well.
Cocker Spaniel  Six Week old Pups – awww baby!  These guys are soooo sweeeeet!
french bull dog and chihuahua mix?